A cat lover and owner, Alexandra always  selects the best products for her feline friends.  While shopping for some toys and treats, she was disappointed with the selection, quality, and availability of products stocked on store shelves.  Already a creator of natural aromatherapy products, she was convinced she could produce catnip products that would be top quality and sure to please her own discriminating felines.  With her spokes model and "loverboy" Bubba by her side, Alexandra sketched a realistic portrait of Bubba's face and designed the logo which is now on every tin of catnip.  She looks forward every day to stepping into her executive office at BUBBA's LOVE headquarters where she strives to please cat owners and their pets by continuing to develop top quality products for cats, and expand the BUBBA's LOVE line to it's maximum potential.  Alexandra's enthusiasm for quality products to keep her own cats happy and healthy is reflected in BUBBA's LOVE World Famous Catnip.  She wouldn't give Bubba anything less!


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