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CATS & KITTENS Magazine July 2001

Name: Moonbeam
Occupation: Slacker
Hobbies: Taking it easy
Pet Peeves: Mean cats, keeping a schedule
Favorite Product: Bubba's Love World Famous Catnip
Moonbeam used to be a cat with a Type A personality. She never stayed still long enough to be petted and greeted everyone she met with an unfriendly yowl. After a near-death experience with the neighbors Rottweiler, however, she realized that life is too short to spend it rushing with a bad attitude from place to place. Now, whenever Moonbeam feels the pressure of the world weighing her down - yes, cats get stressed, too - she relaxes with some of Bubba's Love World Famous Catnip. The pure organic dried catnip comes in an innovative tin canister packaging that is designed to provide maximum freshness, while offering customers something stylish enough to leave out on their table tops.


CAT FANCY Magazine November 2001

Bubba's Love organic dried catnip comes in a zip-top plastic bag to ensure freshness, and packaged in a stylish tin.  Visit the Web site for free samples and the chance to win a tin.


FLORIDA TODAY December 20, 2001

Feline futons let cats nap in style.  Catnip makes the 22-by-22 inch mats appealing.  A Velcro closure makes it easy to refresh the catnip or wash the futon cover.  Feline futons come with a starter packet of Bubba's Love World Famous Catnip and are available at for $19.99.






World Famous Catnip is a pure, organic dried catnip packaged in an innovative, airtight tin canister that maintains maximum freshness while keeping curious paws out.  This catnip is 100 percent natural fun for cats, and aids digestion, too.


CATS & KITTENS Magazine January 2004

Name: Huey Salmon
Occupation: Technology Consultant
Hobby: Dancing
Favorite Product: Bubba's Love Gift Packs

Huey likes to make his special female feline feel like a queen.  In his arsenal of love potions are Bubba's Love World Famous Gourmet Catnip gift packs that include a designer tin of catnip, two cat-approved catnip birdies, and a custom designed gift tag, all packaged neatly in a white gift box and tied with a festive bow.  The gift packs are great gift-giving for the holidays, Valentine's Day, Halloween, or anytime Huey wants to express his feelings to his special friend.  Bubba's Love Gift Packs are available online at



CAT FANCY Magazine August 2004

Playing with Bubba's Love Catnip 'Birdies' is a feline alternative to canary hunting.  These toys are crafted with cat-friendly fabrics and stuffed with organic catnip.



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