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"I dare you to try and find better catnip than BUBBA's LOVE!"


Supreme Grand Champion National Award Winner from Coronadocats  Cattery

"I had the opportunity to get a sample of BUBBA's LOVE Catnip last week.  My cats went crazy!!!  I buy them catnip often, but this was the most amazing reaction to catnip that I'd ever seen.  I had intended to order some for them after the holidays, but I couldn't resist your product.  My cats will be so happy!"


-Georgia G.

Marlton, NJ

"I received your sample and my two finicky boys went crazy!  I had to hide the uneaten portion in the freezer, and they still whined for more.  I later found that they had gotten your envelope and postcard that had the sample attached and they had eaten the 2 inch square out of the paper where the sample rested!  I definitely will be ordering more!"


-Kristen N.

Plymouth, MI

"Bubba's Love is the cat's Meow!"


New York, NY

I got Bubba's Love for my birthday..
Happy, Happy Birthday Day to me...
I deserve the best...


(I am  "not" fat just fluffy)

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful catnip.  I  recently purchased a pound of it and when the box came my five cats went nuts.  Right now my 12 year old cat is sleeping in the cut open box.  She spent 3 hours at the emergency vet yesterday with a urinary tract infection and it just warms my heart to see her sleeping so happily in that catnip scented box.  I have
given your web address to two cat loving friends and passed some of the nip on to 3 others near and far.
Thank you for a great product!  My cats find yours much more appealing than the catnip I have been growing at home. Thank you again."


-Marion P.

"This week, I received the free sample of catnip from your company. I had placed all of the day's mail on the table in the kitchen, then went about my business. Later, as I entered the kitchen, I noticed an envelope on the floor in the kitchen. It had been opened and the contents were missing. I searched for the contents, and soon found the packet for which I'd sent. The packet had teeth marks in it and it appeared obvious that the packet was missing a bit of its contents. My cat, Kitty (when I brought her home 15 years ago, Mom said I couldn't keep her, so she never actually received a proper name), then appeared, just as happy as can be. She purred loudly and rubbed up against my leg with such vigor that I knew who had opened my mail!! Although Kitty is not allowed to jump on the table, and because of her age, she physically can't jump on the table, she somehow managed to get up there in order to break into her catnip sample! What an endorsement!! She just couldn't wait to get it!! We've never seen her react in such a way -- ever!! We'll be placing an order with your company very soon!!"

- Amy K. (and Kitty)

Bellevue, OH

"Bubba,  I think I'm in love!"


Satellite Beach, FL

"It's Purrrrrfectly Delectible!"

-Sugar Puff

Santa Monica, CA

"My cats went crazy over your catnip!!!!  They could not even wait for me to get it out of the box.  One of them jumped up on the counter and wouldn't let me open the box!"

-Sharon S.

California USA

My cat loves your catnip so much that I cannot even leave the tin on the counter top anymore, I have to hide it in a plastic bag (sealed) inside of the cabinet.

I don't know what you put in this catnip, but please don't ever stop making it.

Could you please come up with something for dogs equally as intoxicating???


-Lea F.

Sarasota, FL

I got the catnip today. Hey you're not kidding about it being
strong. My cats were all over ALL of my mail and anywhere my mail
happened to have been too!!! Are you sure it's not TOO strong?!?!? I
hope you've got a patent on it.


C. Moody

"We love Bubba's Love!  It's the best catnip we've ever had!"

-Sassy & Scarlett

New York, NY

"I promised my mom I would be really good if she gives me some more Bubba's Love Catnip!"


Washington, DC

"Bubba's Love was sent from heaven"


Thanks for your prompt shipment!  I got the catnip and my
cats ate and rolled in the catnip.
They love your catnip!  Thanks for such a great product, I will recommend it to
my friends with cats.


-Lanne M.


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